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Parul Sheth is a mother, runner, architect, and a published author of a book ‘The Running Soul: My Journey from Darkness to Light”, which has sold over 3000 copies. This book is the story of how she evolved from a non-athlete to a marathoner, running the race of her life at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in 2014, at the ripe young age of 42. More importantly, it is an account of how, in the process, she evolved as a person.

Over the last 14 years, she has run 9 full marathons, over 40 Half marathons and several other races, including a Half Ironman. Her personal best for a full marathon is 3:48, and she ran the prestigious Boston Marathon in April 2017. In between, she has brought up 2 accomplished teenagers as a single parent, worked as an architect designing popular restaurants, and is the CEO of her household

She now speaks at various corporate events, communities and sports meets. She is also a certified Health and Wellness coach (ICF approved), and a certified Marathon Coach (ACSM certified).

Life for me has been about challenges, some were thrown at me and some I chose. As I live each day, I learn to endure. I may not always emerge a winner, but I hope to keep on evolving, getting stronger.


“We know what we are but know not what we may be.”

                                                                                                                   –          Hamlet, Act 4, Sc. 5 (William Shakespeare)

Find me : parulATtherunningsoulDOTcom

30 thoughts on “About Me

  • Congratulations for being mother, runner , architect & now writer , above all you have been always my darling & naughty but nice niece

  • Hello Mam,

    I would like to follow ur blog, however I do not see a ‘follow’ option !
    Congratulations on ur Running , very impressive .
    Cheerzzzz n All the Best

  • Parul, I’m blessed to know about you and your marathon ..Many people must have been inspired ..but, I’m lucky to know about you and ur running .. one more pair of foot to follow you .. All the Best !!! Vaidehi 🙂

  • Hi parul,

    I read your couple of blog articles. Your stories are motivational. I had completed ADHM-15 in 2:17:09. It was better from my life’s 1st half marathon timing 2:42:00 held in indore (M.P) feb-15 .
    I want to continue this zeal & run too many marathons in my life.

    Please guide me to keep my pitch high.

    Abhishek sharma

    • Sure. Firstly congratulations! Well done. 25 minutes is huge! You ran very strong. And for the future…Happy to help! Keep the motivation high. And do remember.- hard work is the only way. Feel to email me ? all the best!

      • Nice to see your reply 🙂
        i have missed SCMM-15 registration this year as i was focusing on ADHM-15.
        Do you target specific events ? which is next after SCMM.
        I want to make it under 2 hrs now.

        • SCMM is my marquee race. So nothing much planned after that! Will enjoy off season for a while ?. Yes. Sub 2 is a good target. And adhm is the best race for that. All the best!

  • Namaskar Madam,
    We bow to your will and spirit, with which you have set an example for all of us, I just read your book” The Running Soul” which I come across by accidentally in a store after my first half marathon in Delhi, its a great source of inspiration, especially for the youngsters like me, once again I thank you madam.
    Yours in service,
    Adv.Santhosh Kolkunda
    National Secretary,
    Indian Youth Congress

    • thank you sir for your kind response-i am sorry about the delayed response. something was wrong with my server.
      i am honoured that you read my book. thank you again

  • Hi,
    It was nice reading … Its motivating i also participated in scmm 2016 and finished in 4 hrs 28 minutes. This was my third scmm. Willing to finish it with a better timing next year. Suggestions welcome on improving my timing.

    Vikas khare

  • Hi Parul, I feel so proud and inspired reading your blog and knowing you in person….. Hope to run with you soon … Pls keep inspiring ????????

  • Hi parul,
    This is abhishek from Ujjain.
    I want to run Full marathon SCMM 2017 . I have run three half marathons till now with best time 2:17:09. I will also participate in ADHM-2016
    I would need your guidance as you have run around 4-5 full marathons.

    I am confident & hoping for best. 🙂

    Abhishek Sharma

    • Hi Abhishek. That’s great that you are running regularly and have decided on the full marathon in 2017. That’s a perfect goal. My advice would be simply- continue running all year round. Jan to December. A first marathon needs one years preparation. Take part in a lot of 21km races. And aim to finish strong. The first one is always about conquering the distance. All the best. You can email me- parul@thwrunningsoul.com.
      All the best

  • Parul, in addition to being multi talented person, you are a wonderful soul as well. Keep it up! and wish you all the best!!!

  • How was your ADHM 2016. Looking forward to your account of the visit, run and overall how it was for you and your friends.


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