ESPER : Establish Strategize Plan Execute Review

As I wake up with my morning alarm……anytime between 4.45 am and 
5 am I wonder…..why am I doing this to myself…….I struggle with myself and finally shake the inertia off… 
We start the run from Nariman Point and we run past the seascape……its beautiful…… breeze…..early morning walkers and fellow runners….the street lights are still on and at some point the go off ,to flood the world with the soft light of the Goddess of Dawn-Eos, who with her rosy fingers opens the gates of heaven so that Helios, her brother, can ride his chariot across the sky .(Although our singular aim is to finish the run before the sun attacks us with his full force !)

In the peak of our training month, we are averaging anything between 55km-70km a week.

To achieve this target we run 3-4 days a week.

The short run is 10 km…….the medium one is 15k………and the long one is anything over 25k.

I have run from signal to signal for the longest time and suddenly last week I realize, now signals have lost meaning, as I look forward to the new landmarks I have created, which are a good 3-4km apart which cover 5-7 signals at least! Running past the familiar markers………I wonder how this has happened…..?

25 kilometers is now only a series of 6 roads….Marine Drive,Babulnath,Peddar road, Worli, Worli Seaface and Prabhadevi…it’s a short run!:)

I have broken up the distance into smaller (more doable) cutoffs…but these are 3-4 times the distance which I was doing for the past so many years. What used to be long is now short!

I learn …..Everything in life is relative…………..

What seems to be a huge task….is actually only a collection of a series of smaller milestones…….
Small and Big are really all perceptions of one’s mind! What seems unachievable at one point may seem easily reached at another.

A book I am reading by APJ Abdul Kalam:
“Dream Big.
 Dream, Dream,Dream,
 Dreams transform into thoughts
 and thoughts result into action.”

As a friend joked with me……parul, she said, soon you’ll be talking about doing ultra marathons!…you’re crazy, I replied!

I’m going to leave it at that.:) !



8 thoughts on “ESPER : Establish Strategize Plan Execute Review

  • Lovely piece…

    I totally agree that what seems to be so difficult and “un-doable” at the time you are doing it seems so simple and easy later. Is that because life always gets bigger and grander albeit more difficult or that people like you have the sheer ambition to always be better than you are today?

    One of my friends at the park had once told me when I was whining about my exams/to look back and see all that I had achieved in the past and let that encourage me that things that appeared difficult past by easily.

    However, you continue to be an ideal…when things seem difficult I think of everything you have done in your life with such grace, and that inspires me to think that I can do whatever it is that I am whining about!

    Here’s hoping you continue to soar past whichever milestone you pick …always

  • “A way will find its way”. You have achieved it & will achieve a new goal of 42 Kms.Marathon.That is the spirit, which has given you the strength & courage.You have dreamed & put it in reality.
    Wonderful achievement, keep it up.

  • “What gets measured gets improved.”

    ― Robin S. Sharma, The Greatness Guide: Powerful Secrets for Getting to World Class

    Keep it up indeed!
    With love, Masi

  • It is amazing how life metamorphoses itself! Very well captured in this post as a real example which runners can instantly connect to.
    “I am because I run”

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