Shoot for the moon, Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars

I trudge up the hill at Babulnath at 6.45 am, huffing and puffing! Oh, How I have struggled today! As I reach home red-faced- due to the heat and other reasons……. ashamed at how I feel post my mere 12k run. This was my first real run in the last 45 days- and what was I thinking? That I will traipse through my predetermined 15k?  With much enthusiasm I plan my run the night before-gathering my gear-alarm….all set, to go for a usual run. I strapped on my Garmin and started running towards Nariman Point. A few minutes into the run I checked my pace-oh boy what a mistake it was. It showed 7 minutes a kilometer! At my worst my slowest has been 6.45. (my best….5.45! J)

On my way back I met the usual gang and I start running with them , as planned.( a bad move, as this seasoned bunch has been training all year round!) I was out of breath in 5 minutes flat- and stuck with them for 3 km and then gave up and went back to my slow motion pace. I was mentally broken, and I stopped several times on my way back- for no apparent reason.

So ,yes. I have learnt my lesson. I do realize that lack of regularity can set you back a long time. Just because I remember running the SCMM 2012, It doesn’t mean that my body does!

On a slightly positive note…….i can swim 3/4th of a length of the pool before I give up, to walk to the end. Now the regular swimmers acknowledge my presence and encourage me. They tell me they are impressed by my progress (I am too!) and that one day it will all happen. (How! How!)

 After 6 lengths of this in the pool and I feel spent. Clearly I am out of shape. i feel I am battling the slog overs. The kilometer 28 to kilometer 40 mark, the most challenging game of mental strength and physical ability. With the summer holidays approaching, I do hope to discipline my running as well as my swimming. I will be battling the heat, but that will make the struggle more interesting.

So, I have reached rock bottom, and now….the only way is up!

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”



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