The Low after the High

Last Sunday, a long 13.5 km post a lazy Goa trip.
I began strong. Ran well with Rahul. Kept pace with him until the
halfway point and then the effect of my week long break showed up! I
struggled to finish, and had to walk-jog for the last 3-4 km.

On my way back, as I passed by chowpatty beach, I saw fluffy white
clouds set against a deep blue sky, the sea was glimmering against the
soft lonely sand. I was seeing my city for the first time. But the
sights, sounds and smells seemed so familiar. Déjà vu.

Maybe this was a part of the effect of the hiatus.

That morning, as I set my usual 5.15 am Sunday alarm, I looked for one
valid reason for why I should run. Just because I was back in Bombay,
it hardly meant that I should traumatise myself again. Yes, I was
killing myself pre- Goa, (and loving it!) but that could remain a
memory. As I looked for reasons not to wake up, I could not find any
reasons to sleep in either! Habit got the better of me and the memory
of the sanctity of a Sunday Run egged me on. And there I was…………….

Little waves of joy ran through my body as the endorphins kicked in.

I was happy……
Glad that I gave up my sleep…..
Delighted that I was foolish enough to attempt a 13.5 km circuit run
post a week of lethargy.

Thrilled to meet all my friends, as positivity radiated all around
with words of encouragement mingled with mindless banter.

I was back to the place where I belonged.


Come Wednesday, it was the dreaded 800s workout. Logic tried to get
the better of me as I made a mental list:
Savio was not there- he’s on his break in Goa!
It’s the worst workout in the world.
In the most sweltering weather.
Rahul gently reminded me, it was the night of an exciting IPL semi final.

The Duel was on again! Amazing how short my memory is.

I dragged myself out of bed all the same. Reached PDP late. Missed the
first lap with rest. Great, I thought, only 5 more to go. As I
completed my first lap, Santa set a seemingly impossible target to
finish my next one in less than 4 minutes. As I kept up with him, I
surprised myself by clocking 3.58. Wow! This was followed by 3.59. my
hard work from long ago was paying off! The rest of the laps were
marginally slower, and I also completed the last-6th one with Vikas
and Abbas’ support. What a great morning it turned out to be! I was
upbeat all day.

Friday was the same story as Sunday. I walk- jogged for 3km of my 11km run.
Come Sunday (today) Rahul and I ran 15km. Although the saga of my
struggle continued, my joy knew no bounds.

I ran through Summer.
I ran on days I didn’t want to run.
I completed the distance I set out to.
I kept at it even though I know I’m out of form.

My Training continues.
My Training has become a Habit.
My training is not an afterthought, it is a part of my integral routine.

I look forward to days when I will breeze through my run.
But I also know that every day cannot be my day.
I am happy to Persevere.

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