Why do we Race?

The lull after the storm.

Post marathon we rest our body. We recover from the aches and pains.

We gloat over our completion. We give our mind a break.

Running a race takes a toll on the brain and the body. This period of recovery is essential in order to prevent a burnout. As Savio says that if you can run within 4 days of the race then you haven’t given everything to the race.
This time is to evaluate the race, good or bad, and plan the year ahead.  Set new targets and new goals.
Post a race the decision can be between the 2 variables.  Should I go faster or train to run longer? Each minutes shaved off is like a medal.
So -Why do we race?

The need to be tested, perhaps; the need to take risks; and the chance to be number one.”

There is something about pinning on a number. It’s like, you can do all the practice in the world but what happens in race day is what matters.

I love to train; you know this about me. I am happy to simply train and train and train and train, even with no set goal in mind and no race date on my calendar..

Maybe it’s the paper, rustling against my clothes. Maybe it’s the early morning wake up, the intention behind what I eat, when I go to bed, and what I have laid out on my dresser. Maybe it’s being part of the pack, the community, the sense of truly belonging someplace. Maybe it’s the provision of the water stops and the kindness of fans. Maybe it’s my watch beeping at me, calling me higher. Maybe it’s the awareness of my splits, or the burn of the effort in my legs. Maybe it’s the accomplishment of crossing the finish line. Maybe it’s the ache at day’s end that says “you did something good today.”

Pinning on a number is bold. It says, yes, I am a runner.

It speaks to the idea of getting out there, putting ourselves out there, and the glory of the try.053

Pinning on a number wakes me up. It reminds me that I can practice things till I know the road like the back of my hand, but at some point I have to go for it, for real. The rustle of the number is heard in every other area of my life. I find it easier to encourage my children, because my memory of encouraging myself is fresh and real. I find it easier to try putting myself out there in other ways, because I have some momentum in my stride. I find I give up less easily, because my endurance awareness is honed and handy.

Pinning on a number also pricks a hole in the bubble of perfectionism, letting the air out, suffocating that annoying voice that tells me I’m not ready yet, I’m not enough, I may not have what it takes. If I can simply shrug off the performance mentality long enough to get to the start line, the rest manages to take care of itself. I am freed to try for trying’s sake. I am nurturing the place in me that needs a push. I unhinge and uninhibit myself, taking myself off the hook and towing the line all at once.

The simple act, pin through fabric, through paper, clasp, repeat – sometimes in life we get to choose our own labels.

We wear this one proudly.

So- well done finishers…..

Remember- it’s a new season, a new race, a new year-

and a new race is a new race so

let’s work at it with hope in our heart and wings in our heels.

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1 thoughts on “Why do we Race?

  • Or perhaps some people race because it is an easy excuse to train during the other 364 days of the year… Less nagging when you proclaim you have a certified reason for waking up early even on holidays!!!

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