Phoenix Rising

Running in this insane heat was test of grit, I think.

Humidity was overwhelming.

The sun was intimidating.

The Distance, daunting.

I did only a 12k, but was completely finished by the time I was done.

When I returned, and was stretching at NCPA, waiting for the others to show up, I heard that they had done 14, 18 and even 21k!!! hats off to these stalwarts!! Sushant(leading the pack!), Rishi( who complained about running “only 20k!!)Rupali, Mehlam….not sure who else braved the distance……

And come to think of it, come October heat, in similar testing conditions, we all do double these distances and more. Why was it so difficult today?

It was my head. I was predetermined to do only 12k at an easy pace. Hence my brain put the brakes in my head and created the fatigue post 8-9k! How clever! I was tricked into believeing that I was dead tired. I didn’t even try to beat that. I accepted it.  Now (in the luxury of my air-conditioned bedroom!) I think about it, had I a set a higher goal I would have worked towards it!

On the other hand, I am in “off season”. Hence this “slacking” is allowed upto a certain level. My mind and body are in a rest mode, and have been for the last 20 days or so. I will continue this for another week ( due to more travel) . This will account for a full May of rest and relaxation. But now…….time has come……………………

To shake off the lethargy

To wake up and smell the coffee.

The pain of the last race is behind me

A new Goal is what I see.

Tighten my belt, And GET A GRIP!!!

Up the mileage

Pick up the pace

Start strength training

Get the Garmin ready to race!

Dry fruits

And protein shakes

No sugar

And no Breads

Stretching and foam rolling…

On and on it goes!!!

Point is……

Time to shift gear…..

SCMM 2015 here I come.




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