6 weeks to SCMM 2015

For a lot of us training for #SCMM2015…it is…

  • The last month for the 4.30am alarm…enjoy the moonlight at the crack of , soon it will be 5.30am ;)…your eyes will open at sunrise!
  • The last 4 Sundays of the gruelling long long runs
  • The last month of sweating out your body weight during the hard intervals and the never ending tempos

So go for it…

  • Push your limits- this is the month you have been waiting for. It is now or never. Each minute spent in training now will reward you ond3b0795979259c7bb850bc4a5535aa88 Raceday.
  • Add the extra running day, the extra kilometres and the extra minutes.
  • Control the diet for a little longer- keep the sugar at bay, tuck in the low GI carbs and make sure you are getting adequate protein.
  • Fight hard now through the ridiculously tough workouts and emerge victorious. Complete it. This is simulation of Raceday. WE. WILL NOT. QUIT.
  • You have never looked better or felt stronger. So enjoy the increased level of fitness and fly
  • Also, do enjoy the run- yes the weather has improved significantly. So take advantage of that and put in the additional mileage. Feel the wind in your hair, the cool air against your face and the joy in your heart. Run free. Run light. Give it your best.

We have worked really hard all year, sat out the injuries, pushed ourselves beyond our perceived boundaries. So don’t be afraid to set your goal. Plan your run, have a strategy to achieve the time you want.

Have confidence and faith.

Kill it now.

Taper right.

See the magic on Raceday!!

All the best…. Hang in there- the end is near!



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