Here is why we are suffering the Humidity these days…

Last week a friend from the navy, organised a trip to the 150 year old Prongs Lighthouse-off navy nagar- a 2.5 km walk over the sea bed.  As we climbed up the narrow stair well my friends 7 year son comments- why didn’t they build an elevator here!

Instinctively we are looking for ways to make our lives easier. So much of our culture reflects a comfort-minded mentality. We want to be comfortable, and we want the people we love to be comfortable. We avoid the things with discomfort.

We know how pampered children do not develop the resilience they need because they are deprived of overcoming adversity, accepting consequences. Are we far from that?

In our age, relatively few of us work in physical labour. We don’t have to hunt or gather or do farming in order to eat. We don’t migrate or make pilgrimages. Other than soldiers, we don’t even enter battle.

But we still reside in the bodies that can and were designed to do all of these things. We have an inherent need to move, an inborn inclination towards adventure, and a need to push ourselves.

Until the last 20-30 years, we weren’t so used to cars- we either walked to places or used public transport- we did house work, went grocery shopping and climbed steps. In that way, exercise always remained an indirect but a reasonable part of our routine- but in today’s day and age- of an app driven, air-conditioned world, we have to make an effort to integrate it.

I love how running, or any form of serious exercise counters this culture. We seek to build resilience. We get uncomfortable on purpose. We push ourselves in training to lean into adversity, and then be strengthened by it. We train ourselves in the art of overcoming. We un-pamper ourselves on a regular basis.

tumblr_lzeutfoopy1r5hg0ho1_500 So keep running all through this summer. Yes, the weather IS sweltering, a 15 km feels like a 25km, but get out there and build you endurance.  Yes we know weather is all in our minds- but the humidity is out there!! You are TOUGH! Tougher than you think you are. These runs done in the heat will take you a long way!

Do remember to hydrate well before, during and after!

10 thoughts on “Here is why we are suffering the Humidity these days…

  • Absolutely right Parul! Was wondering as to why the sessions have become so difficult these days! Your blog has cleared the cloud …thanks

  • Calm seas never made a skilled sailor !
    How is that coming from a sailor whose memories of Prongs Lighthouse came alive with you blog.
    Keep writing. Keep running. Keep shining like the lighthouse !

  • So true! Life during my childhood was different – fun and challenging. And life during my son’s childhood challenging’ly’ convenient! Must say running in all kinds of weather increases endurance – physically and mentally.

  • Absolutely agree. Running in all weathers makes one a seasoned runner, and running is good compensation for this high-tech world of sedentary lifestyles. So everyone must get out and run in the mornings.

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