The LSD Bus

The plan for the Thane Half Marathon was to do an easy 1.55. I was not sure about the course, as it promised to be a challenge with everyone talking about the rolling hills. Of course, the weather was really cool and breezy – so that was a big plus.

I was well prepared.

0300 hrs: Oats breakfast.

0525 hrs: Fast and Up- Activate

One gel at the start, and one at the halfway mark.

Another plus for me was that a very dear friend, Saroosh, promised to pace me. Saroosh is an extremely strong runner who did his maiden FM at SCMM this year, in 3.56. I was a little nervous about the inclines, and having Saroosh ‘s support would really help me. At the start line – 5 minutes before the start – my friends tell me that Saroosh is also known as LSD – not for the reasons in your head – but because he is Lord Saroosh Dinshaw. The most gentle, generous and big hearted man that I have ever met. Always ready to give, he decided to make my run at Thane, his.

We started in great spirits. Lots of laughter and chatter, as we cruised along. We did well reaching the halfway mark in 58 minutes. And now we had to more or less hold the pace for the second half. I struggled on some of the hills after we turned around- but with Saroosh’s encouragement I managed to run strong.

6 km to go. Kiran Solanki, an accomplished comrades runner whizzed past- and told us – “C’mon! Go for it.” And that was it. A wake up call. That came in the most unexpected way – and I was grateful. Saroosh and I discussed how we were running along – easy – it was time to get our act together. After that, it was me blazing ahead and Saroosh keeping up with me.

I pressed the lap button, plugged in my iPod on an uphill and shifted gear.

The playlist was primarily my daughter’s – pop from the last 2-3 years.

Frivolous and beautiful.

“Poker face”

“Shut up and dance”

One Direction telling me “You don’t know you’re beautiful!”

How I smiled! I felt like I was 16 again. Felt the thrill of being free and I sang out loud. A few words only – as the pace was quite fast by then! Like an effervescent teenager who is high on life, feeling slightly reckless, I raced on. Flying on the downhills and pushing on the uphills. LSD got a whole new meaning.




This is the drug I ran with today. I wanted to do well. And I commanded the pace. I was able to hold it and I ran relaxed, easy and with joy.

This continues to be a recurring theme in my writing these days- but it is not my fault. There is something different about the weather these days!


Thank you Lord Saroosh Dinshaw for my PB.

A first non Delhi sub 2…1.53.50




4 thoughts on “The LSD Bus

  • Haven’t run or raced with music for quite a while now. Here are a few suggestions anyway. All guilty-pleasure pop… so quite ‘run-to’-able

    Don’t Stop by 5 Seconds of Summer
    Juntos by Juanes
    Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson
    Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer
    You Might Think by Weezer
    Powerless by Nelly Furtado (Josh Remix)
    Price Tag by Jessie J
    Satellites (Hard2Beat edit) by September
    Brave by Sara Bareilles
    Fight Song by Rachel Platten
    Cruise by Florida Georgia Line (Feat Nelly)
    Acapella by Karmin
    Shake It by Metro Station
    You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates
    The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes
    Move Along by All American Rejects

    Congratulations on a happy race 🙂

    • Thanks! That will help 🙂 and powerless… Wow. Perfect. Powerless…Haven’t heard that one in years. Will keep this playlist ready for killing the last few km of my next race! Thanks

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