Time to go Under

Enjoying the high of 2 easy races (actually training runs), I sat at my piano, tinkering with a few notes. Yes, Facebook is a great ego booster as is a great DSLR camera.

I reflected. 

The time for fun and games is over. These two were my longest runs in the last 4 months (post my April race), which certainly doesn’t bode well for my fitness levels. And as I have stopped my piano class since the last 6 months Neither do I have a new piece to play, nor any challenging music to practice. The story of my running and piano seems to be running in parallel!!

The gravity of the situation sunk in as I registered for ADHM, reminding me of what my PBs have been. If Delhi had to be yet another PB race, as all have been over the years (I mean c’mon, why else does one go to run in Delhi!) then I was looking at some serious numbers.

The mood is grim.

As I ponder longer. I mentally run through the workouts from last year.

Same time. Same place.

The mood becomes sombre.

I have cut the easy minutes off. Now shaving each little bit of time is a struggle.

Realisation sinks in and I need to dig deep to prepare myself for the oncoming onslaught.

Yes, it was going to be hard. It would take everything I had. But I had survived. As we all do. We only need to hang in and give it all we’ve got.

Speed intervals on Wednesdays. Tempo runs on Fridays.

As the mercury will rise the pace should drop.

It’s a feeling of dread I sleep with every Thursday night

Only to smile with absolute delight on Friday morn.

Getting into something with your eyes open, I have always found, is the best way. Especially when we have a goal.

Being prepared and being ready to work for it. As I spoke to a champion runner just this morning, to agree that it is only this hard training which makes it all worthwhile. What is the point really, otherwise?

Let’s step up the mileage slowly. Reign in the diet a bit.

This is the time to work on endurance.

As the fitness improves the workouts will seem less intense.

And that’s actually the time I await- when the “hard running” seems “doable”!


The goal for most will be similar.timetotrain

To run strong.

To race well.

To do the best we can.


So let’s accept it…and choose to train at our terms. Because we want it.

As the marquee races move up in the calendar, Let’s not mull over all for too long, but just start. Jump right in. And take it. One day at a time. One run at a time.

The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.”                                     – Ken Doherty




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