Pre ADHM 2017

The reason why ADHM is a different race for me this year is because I have not trained specifically for it. There has been an increased focus on cross training, swimming and biking, over the last couple of months. Yes, I have put in 4 days a week of running, but it has been fairly unstructured and a lot less intensive compared to all these years.  More significantly, even whilst training, I have run at paces which I have felt good at, not really pushing the bar or test my limits.

Dare I hope for a PB? Hell yes, who doesn’t? It’s Delhi!!

Is it realistic? Probably not.

But then, it’s a half marathon, perhaps, I could just about get away with this complacency. 😉

Come race day, I hope to give it my best. I can’t quite pin point a finish time. But I wish to run outside my comfort zone. Let’s see how long I can sustain my pace for. All I can do is try and hang in.

Optimum conditions are not always possible. How we make best of a situation will go a long way in determining the result.

Use your strengths, use your experience, have faith and you might just get lucky!  



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