In the first week of 2018…

As we make a bold decision—a big resolution, or register for a big race, it feels brave and empowering. But then, after a bit, the bravado quells and we start to question ourselves. Discomfort and doubt settle in and the mind starts whirring… “What was I even thinking? How did I ever think that I could accomplish something like this?”

Sometimes these questions are the voice of reason, but only sometimes. Mostly this is the voice of Fear.

Fear tries to tell us that we are not enough, that we cannot possibly do this thing, that even the attempt is foolish. She taunts us by saying that we just don’t have what it takes. Fear wants to keep us nice and small, in our little box where we “belong.” Fear hurls boulders of self-doubt, whispering messages of danger and negativity, opening the door for panic Fear wants to prevent us from living an epic life and keep us from aiming high and breaking free.

Fear has its place. Fear is helpful when it tells us not to walk alone in a desolate place. Fear is a helpful companion when it keeps us from physical danger. But fear is not helpful when it keeps us from living fully.

Fear resides in your mind and heart in the empty space. Space that is not occupied by faith, courage, freedom and love. Those crannies where light doesn’t reach. Those dark corners which isolate you and make you lose heart. The vacuum which sucks in all the energy and stops you from from inspiring people and changing lives.

Like Voldemort, if you call fear by its name, it is forced to retreat and find someone else to pick on. Be mindful of fear these days, because it loves freshly inked resolutions and recently declared dreams. It is a sneaky one. Call it out as soon as you know it’s there.

If you need backup, Love, Strength and Determination are always available.

So open your arms and embrace life. Take life head on.
Live fearless. Run fearless.

Be Afraid
Be afraid of what you want, of what you desire, what you wish for…chances are that it will come true. 

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