Run to Make a Difference…..

We had not planned to make a difference….we had gone to meet Arnavaz as Sukhpreet wanted to make a donation and be done with………


DoorStepSchool needed funds- so we decided to help them.

We thought of the one thing that we know how to do. Run!

Fall back on the one circle that has become our family. The Runners!

We run every Sunday- just one Sunday, soon, would be different as we would all contribute….and run for a cause. This simple thought spiralled out of control once people started pitching in in various ways. Our small thought multiplied manifold!

So many of you showed up for the spirit of it…changed plans, got out of hibernation, the injured ones came as volunteers just to be apart of the event, and some spread the word so far that we struggled with the numbers! It has been a humbling experience.

For so many years now we have run for ourselves, for the joy of running. We drive ourselves crazy over hills, over timing, over pace and of course trying to beat the clock for the elusive sub 2 or sub-4! This time it would be a little different! The motivation was something bigger.

We got so many good wishes. I guess the beauty of it was that we did what we enjoyed, and did good at the same time.

I new thing I have learnt from a wise runner:

Make Every Run Count.

Yes, we did make it count. We did make a difference.


            Run to Make a Difference : 9k / 15 k : NCPA

First Edition

Rs. 2,61,000

92 runners

1217 km






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