Down the Rabbit Hole

14th July 2013

21 km Bandra- Ncpa

2.12 hours

non stop, steady pace of 6.18 min/km

One of my best training runs ever! After a couple of initial muggy kilometres, we breezed the whole way, literally and figuratively.

For a change we ran one way with the Bandra runners,and what a welcome change it was! Comrades runners in our midst, and so many other familiar faces! Running with this group, even for a little bit was inspirational, as the talks of the Comrades Run flew around! They talked of running the five mountains, which I can not imagine running even one!

Sandeep, Rahul and me. We ran together. We ran as a pack. We realised from the start that our pace was fast. Faster than usual, but sustainable. We went along, talking about many things including god and the Magic of Faith.

We crossed Haji Ali and approached Peddar Road. By then, a girl called Simta (whom i had run with in Thane) had joined our little coterie. We went like a tight close knit bundle up Peddar Road at the same pace. I felt I was being carried along by an extremely powerful magnetic force, created by this huddle! It was an effortless climb. We went on to finish the run with the last 4 km at an intense sub -6 pace.


I had faced my reality. Realised my potential. Seen what I was capable of.

We all have our shortcomings.

Things that are holding us back.

I am fighting the perceptions of my mind. I will overcome it, step by step.

I have broken through the first layer, will I continue to test my self? I need to  walk the conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. Infinitesimally deep and complex, venturing too far down is probably not that great of an idea….or is it?




4 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Well written. Great that you realised a significant breakthrough in your running performance. A good group can do that for you.



  • Vow…u write great….Keep Running and I am sure you can conquer the 5 hills soon.
    All you need to do is Sign up for the all will fall in place accordingly..


  • like a seasoned runner, now you have become a seasoned writer as well.
    Effortless. Your motivation is high. Keep it up.

  • Hey, I was at the Bandra NCPA run as well, only managed to run till Mela in 1:30 hours. I have been reading your blogs and they are quite inspirational and well written! Are you participating in any upcoming runs/marathons?

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