This is a Hero

Everyone has setbacks. I’m no different. I happen to have no legs. That’s pretty much the fact.
Oscar Pistorius 

Each of us ,in our daily lives struggles, for things small and big. Some of us invite some struggle by setting goals for seemingly difficult events like the Marathon. Following is the story of a man who has seen the face of death, and emerged a winner.

It all started from the battle field of Kargil War in 1999, when Major Devender Pal Singh suffered heavy injuries in direct action with imagesenemy to the tune of being declared dead on arrival to the hospital. Luck favoured Maj Singh to revive him from the deathbed but not without taking away his right leg. As per medical authorities he stands to be 100% disabled.

Major Singh had the option of leaving himself to destiny or to choose to fight back the situation and lead by example. The fighter in him chose the latter. By successfully completing numerous marathons, Maj Singh has substantiated the fact that what matters is not the disability but your ability to change the challenges into strengths.

With his maiden efforts, Maj Singh became the first person in India to run Marathons on Artificial limb and first ever to run on Blade prosthesis (a type of running prosthesis used for professional amputee athletes). He owns two Limca records for both the achievements.

Major is a man of modest means and a trip to the States is no doubt expensive. At this juncture it is possible only if there is a sponsor for this. We request you to come forward and support Major D P Singh to keep the Tiranga high and flying. Meeting with Hanger Inc is confirmed for July 22nd at Oklahoma city.

With the prosthesis that Hangar will provide, not only can he better his marathons, but also participate in other athletic and adventure activities. This will also pave a way for him to represent his country in the Paralympic Games.

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A 40,000$ fully equipped running prosthetics will be sponsored by them. He needs sponsorship for Travel, Stay, Extra Socket and Prosthesis accessories which will approximately come to 20,000$ ( roughly 12,00,000 INR)

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You can make your contributions via cash- Savio can collect it- or I can on Sunday.major-D-P-Singh


online transfer.
Name: Devender Pal Singh
Account number: 016301002194
Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd




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