M vs M – Part 2

Savio’s command……..8 x 800s……

Mind: Oh No!!!!  2 Full rounds of pdp – NON stop- and jogging rest….all under 4 mins…..How? How? It will never happen!

Me: (aloud) I hate 800s! Why? Why?

Savio (growls): because its good for you!

Me: I can’t do it.

Mind:  (with a straight face) Ya, you’re not strong enough to do it……

Me: I agree, but may as well start , since I have to finish it.

(Taking a deep breath) Ok, here goes…….

Lap 1 time: 3.58 mins

Mind: you’ve managed the first one, not bad!

(Smirking) let’s see you do the rest…..

Me: I will just keep going, where is the choice?

After completing 5 more laps all barely under 4 mins…averaging 3.58/57

Me: I’ve done well! And I can easily do 2 more…..yes I’m tired, but I really want to kill it now!

Mind: (thinking- with a grim look-not saying it aloud) Oh No! that sounds dangerous.

Me: you see now, how I fly!!! My fastest 800 is all set to happen.

After doing the 7th – 800 in 3.45 min

Me: see! I told you……..i have done it

Mind (in a small voice) yes, you have.

Me: and now, what is the last one? The workout ends now anyway, so may as well go my fastest and give it my best.

Mind: (thinking) wow, what spirit!

Me: (after the 8th -800) hahahahaha! What a great workout…I just flew today……………

Mind: (grudgingly) : yes, it does feel good.

Me: beat you again!!

Mind (in an ever smaller voice) : as always

Me: but then how come you always get the better of me when I begin?

Mind: because its easy to create a doubt in your head when you believe that the task you have set out to accomplish is difficult, and you can’t achieve it.

Me: but how do I know I can do it, unless I actually do it?

Mind: hahahaha! You don’t!! so there is always a crack for me to plant the seed of uncertainty. Then you feed it on your own……

Me: oh!

Mind: I don’t do anything. Depending on your insecurities, that seed either grows, or you squash it! Usually, ( in a smug voice), you feedit well, and it grows, grows and how! To incredible proportion , and most times without reason!

For a change I am speechless…….

Mind: (continuing) youdo this to yourself as you don’t have any faith in yourself and your capability. I am here to help you, to support you. But if you can’t take my help, what can I do?

Me: (stunned)

Mind: you allow the whispers to find home in your head, so they settle down in dark corners in such a way that you don’t even realize that they exist. Then these ghosts strike sometimes with reason, but most times without reason.

Me: (accusingly) and you enjoy this game???

Mind: hahahahaha, why not? You invite the devil into your head AND allow it to exorcise you! I’m only watching the duel……

Me: what the hell!!!!

Mind: ( gently) then deal with it.

Me: (feebly, tired, defeated) : yes, I should……..

Mind: arre, don’t be so dejected! We are on one side, rememeber?

Me: (brightening) yes, that’s true

Mind: so come on then! Take the next challenge head on and see the result

Me: (with a big smile) : DONE!!!

Mind: train your mind, the way you train your body.

Me: you mean you’ll actually listen to me???

Mind: I usually don’t, and I don’t listen to anyone, but if you dont tell anyone I will share a secret with you……..who doesn’t want to be on the side of a winner?

Me: ya, that is true. I agree. Everyone loves a success story!

Mind: so when you really  want it, you will make me an ally, and use my strength. I will be by your side, and see you through your dark times, your trying times. We will rise to the occasion together!


Me: The Power of the MIND!

Mind: The Power of One!!!!

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