M vs M

good morning muscles, the new training season 2014-2015 welcomes you!



Me vs My Muscles

Me: c’mon you guys- wake up and move! Savio has said we are doing 8 X 800s today!

Musc: are you crazy???? Haven’t you had enough?

Me: you’ve had a long break- now cmon- you’ve rested a whole month…I have been kind to you.

Musc: dude! Have you forgotten how you completely and fully abused us?

Me: oho…..chalo now, be good, and remember how much fun it was. And it’s not so hard once you get used to it

Musc: (getting angry now) : are you even listening? you don’t seem to be getting it!!! You keep pushing us again and again- and when we do listen to you, and do as you say, you simply push us harder and harder. (in a soft voice..) you never listen to us………..

Me : ( trying to pacify) this time it will be different- we will ease into it- you wont even realize when it becomes harder…….

Musc: that’s what you ALWAYS say!!!!!!

Me : ok guys…..stop whining- its time for action

Musc: (mumbles) whatever, may as well, there is no point in arguing with her, she anyway does whatever she wants to!




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