The Running Soul: My Journey from Darkness to Light



This book is the story of Parul Sheth who started running and used it as a way to getting her life back on track. It is the story of a broken woman who, thanks to running, was able to cope with her trauma and evolve into a strong person. Parul’s story, will resonate with a lot of us. We all have our own personal hell from which we are trying to escape. It is for the sari clad lady who dreams to run in track pants on Marine Drive, for the alcoholic who is trying to quit and adopt a healthier lifestyle. For the woman who is trapped in her roles, but wants to break free and find herself, as well the workaholic executive who thinks he cannot follow his passion due to lack of time. The road is perilous but with sheer tenacity we can learn to enjoy the journey. Each hill we climb is making us stronger, taking us higher. With this story she hopes to inspire the non runner to start running, the half marathoner to dream bigger and realise that even the impossible is possible, and the marathoner to push his own perceived limits and aim for the much desired personal best.



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