The age old Battle

This has been a strange year. I ran a lot of races and surprised myself. I ran Bangalore and Hyderabad without any expectations. And did reasonably well.
But the upcoming race -in 5 days – ADHM 2015…
In ADHM 2014 I got my coveted sub 2, effortlessly. I ran easy. Found my rhythm and flew. But I worry about this year. My training has neither been smooth nor consistent. Bad speed workouts. But good long runs. So I really don’t know what to expect. Yes. I have worked hard. But my mind, as usual, has worked harder.3a09f752a146273801d0bc1ce082d9ed
Creating all these doubts.
Making up stories.
Magnifying all my fears.

Last Wednesday after a bad speed workout:
Me: I am not a fast runner.
Rohan: Stop it. You cannot run because you are thinking like that. You are stuck in 2010. Wake up. Let go! It is 2015!! And you are fast. (Yes, I know it’s all relative!)
Me: speechless (for a change) !

I have 5 days.
5 days to empty my head.
5 days to build my confidence.
5 days to find my strength.

I am going to Delhi with a purpose.
To run hard.
To run strong.
To run faster than I have ever run before.

Yes, I know – PBs in Delhi are only valid in Delhi 🙂





4 thoughts on “The age old Battle

  • A will, will find a way. When you have determined to achieve your target, you will definitely achieve.
    All the best for Delhi Marathon.

  • This is not a blog on running ! This is a ruse !

    In deliberately selected simple and beautiful words, this is a profound passage on human fears and life at the level of a soul.

    Even though knowing you as the ‘ Running Soul ‘ should prepare your readers about what to expect, you still manage to touch deeper than anticipated. Each and every time.

    You are amongst the few who makes me close my eyes to think and reflect about life, it’s very purpose and its limitless beauty.

    One cannot dismiss this as the skill of a gifted writer or just the imagination of a sensitive reader like me. It is much more. It is the sharing of real life experience by a beautiful soul who is not scared of admitting that she too can be afraid. Your vulnerability is your greatest strength !

    Allow me to quote two great writers.

    ” Thinking is no more than a tiny aspect of consciousness, the totality of who you are. The voice in the head is not who you are. You are the awareness that is prior to the thought, the space in which the thought happens ”
    = Eckhart Tolle

    ” I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”
    = Mark Twain

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