The Revenge of the Mind (Or M vs M- part 3)

Cast of characters: (in order of appearance)

Me: The one with the fickle mind

Mind: He Who Must Not Be Named

The Coach:  The great and powerful

Rohan: A strapping young lad, training for his Half  Ironman, hence in peak form, who can easily fly, leaving me to eat his dust. My training buddy since the last 4 years.

Act 1


On a hot and humid October morn,
Rohan and I took off, twas barely dawn.
The plan was long intervals at the race course,
2, 4, 2k,with minute rests it was.

Pace should have been faster, but it was not,
Were it any other, fear would fill my thought!
This sweet number not so daunting i say,
I can do it, i do not need to pray!
Neither too fast, nor too slow, it is just right,
With a long deep breath, we took up the fight.

At the race course, in between round 1 and 2, taking a planned water break.

Me:  Not bad, the first round bang on pace, I can actually think of doing a fast SCMM 2016…hmmm…I will kill the last round!

Mind:  well done, let’s see how you sustain this pace speed with 2 continous rounds, you speed demon.

Me: (feeling rather smug): you watch!

Me: (after 3/4th of the first round) I wish I was here in my second round, with only 500m to go. Now there is 2.5 left! It’s killing me.

Mind: (chuckles)

Me: maybe I should slow down

Mind: check your garmin, you’re already slow.

Me: oh no! You’re right. Ok-ok- getting my act together. Only 2k more and then I can rest for a whole minute.

Mind: good then, stick to your pace.

Mind: (in his mind): let’s see how you do that

Me: (2.25k done, 1.75 to go): oh god! How much longer? I can’t!

Mind: muuuuaaaahahahaha

Me: no no- I will do it. I have to only complete this round. I need to push myself in these speed workouts. Cannot give up when it gets tough. I have to get going! Once I get through this I will be a winner.

Mind: very good, I’m impressed Parul. You’ve actually learnt to put up a fight. With me and with yourself. Quite a growing up compared to last year!

Me: keep going parul, keep going!

Mind: 3.5km done with this humidity, and so fast. How much longer can you pull? Maybe you should slow down.

Me: yes maybe I should, actually you know what, I won’t! I have to rest in 300m anyways. I will push.

Mind: (slightly uncomfortable): I didn’t see that one coming. But can you?

Me: yes. Yes, I can. (Thanks President Obama!)

And I push my tired (real or imagined) legs to complete the 2 rounds, at an average pace, marginally slower than target.66890_20130215_064530_cs

Me: ok- last round…I’m going to kill it!

Mind: yes, yes you must

Me: (at 200m) : go parul go

Mind: well done

Me: but I’m tired

Mind: yes you are, but you have to do it! Imagine how good you will feel. It’s the last round anyways.

Me: yes- you’re right, as always, I will. This is the only tough workout this week. Sunday is only an easy 25.

Mind: good good. Pick up the pace then…you are slow!

Me: rohan, don’t leave me until the last 500m

Rohan: (suddenly realising that I need help): yes Baa(I cringe!) I won’t. I’m with you.

Mind: how? You’re slow! You’re tired! You’re holding him back!

Me: (resignedly): yes

Rohan: c’mon Baa, stop slacking. You’re doing well.

I check my Garmin, with half a round to go and I realize in horror we were far from killing it. We are really slow!

Me: Baba! Pick up! What are you doing?

Rohan: Chalo, lets go. Imagine Baa, that you are at the finish line of SCMM going for a PB. Now c’mon, fly!

And with the ease of a Ferrari, he soundlessly shifts into cruise control and sped off, leaving me high and dry. Holding the visual of the race, I run marginally faster than before.

Mind: wow, you’re actually trying!

Me: I’ve got to run faster, I’ve got to!

And I finish this round at target pace, not faster, not slower, just right.

Rohan: Good one baa!

As I filled in my excel file, expecting accolades from the coach, for having braved the weather( it was October!) and I did manage to hold my pace in 2 out of the 3 laps, all I got was indifference.

Coach: What’s the big deal, you did what was expected of you. Now had you killed the last roundimages…then I would have been impressed!

So that’s that.

Just enough is not good enough.

Each workout has a purpose.

Every run, every day, each action needs complete focus and effort. 

Act 2 to follow. Thank you for reading. It was rather long! 🙂



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