The "Weak" that Was!

I sit back and reflect on the week that flew past, and I smile.
it started with one of the most difficult runs I have ever done. Only a 21km run. It was a huge battle with my mind as I struggled over the last 4km. My pace dropped to a real slow jog. One step at a time I told myself as I inched towards the finish. I felt I was finishing a Full Marathon. This, ofcourse, is wishful thinking-if I felt like this in a half I was nowhere close to finishing a full!
I complete the run with Murakami’s words chanting in my head- I have come to run, not walk!

Post the disastrous Sunday run, on a cool Tuesday morning I find myself walking tentatively towards Cubbon Park, Bangalore, a verdant oasis in the heart of the city of traffic. I started along one of the radial roads alongside the local runners. Within a few minutes I discovered a path off the tar road. On this paved surface I picked up pace under the green canopy.

After a few minutes, I observed a dirt trail which seemed to lead towards the heart of the urban forest. As I meandered all over the park, I ran with my heart. At several points it narrowed down to a one foot clearing. As I wove around the 100 year old trees, I was reminded of my trail run in Pondicherry.

The path was uneven and the trees were dense. I ran footloose and fancy free. I only saw where the trail led once I rounded the corner. There was a surprise at every junction as a new vista awaited me at every turn.
I ran on a whim and a song little realising the distance or the time. Awaking from my reverie I found myself lost. I had to run 10 minutes in the pollution and full traffic to reach the hotel. I was happy with my hour well spent.

As we approached the long weekend Nimisha and I decided to finish the long Sunday run on Friday. We started early and ran at a steady pace. The weather was pleasant with a bit of rain. I had a strong finish. After the 18k we were rewarded with a brief shower as we stretched!
What a roller coaster of a week it has been. I learnt there a good days and bad days. The only way to deal with the bad days is to run through them (which I suppose is common sense).

If you want to see a rainbow, you need to put up with the Rain!



1 thoughts on “The "Weak" that Was!

  • That was a lovely post…and so representative of life in general! A lovely philosophy to get through the lows.

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