I run therefore….

As I picked up a drowsy Nimisha, she tells me, “But Parul, its raining!” I looked around and agreed, as i realized that it had been pouring all night. After much deliberation, we drove slowly to Nariman point, wondering if any of the others would show up.

And lo, behold!

Almost everyone was there in this incessant rain. Not that it was a drizzle and showed any signs of letting up! Oh no! It was serious rain!

Under the cover of the dark clouds we all trooped out in batches, most of attempting the longest runs of the season. 3-4 km into the run, the rain got heavier. It fell in large drops and we couldn’t keep our eyes open in the deluge. The rhythm of our feet continued as usual, as it ignored the fact that we were drenched to the bone!

The advantage of doing the long run in the rain was simple- we didn’t feel hot! And we didn’t need water. On the contrary when the wind blew, we were actually cold. We went along, over Peddar Road and the sight at Haji Ali was beautiful. The hazy morning light falling on the sea, which was far back because of the low tide. The tops of the new skyscrapers in Bombay were covered with clouds…….all was misty!

We ran along and passed by enough runners who all realized what a treat it was to be out, running today. On Worli sea face, the waves caressed the sea, playfully. We ran past a smorgasbord of people…..and there was one common thread linking them. The look of incredulity on their faces when they saw us- said it all! Are you crazy!!!!!!! The instantaneous reply to this was- YES! 🙂

Ditch the umbrella and cleanse your soul- I wanted to tell all of them all!

We finished with huge smiles as we completed our distance of a half marathon with ease. What had been my goal last year is but a stepping stone today. At this mid way point I would like to say, I think I am very happy to be where I am. I guess, it gets uphill from here and, I am ready for it!

As we stretched post run, the wind was deadly.

On my drive home I was reminded of a t-shirt slogan I had read on my trail run in Pondicherry:
I run therefore I am……..Nuts! 😉



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