“It’s a Hill, Get over it!”

Fear(n) : a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, whether real or imagined, the feeling of being afraid.

Key words: “ Real” or “Imagined”

The perception of reality is only in the mind. It needs to be strong enough to recognise it.

Last Wednesday. Another scheduled hill run. A sense of dread overcomes me. as much as I enjoy and look forward to my looooong Sunday runs, I HATE the hill Workout.

As I started my workout, my goal was only to run it non stop, however slow that would be. I ran with Rajesh, at a pace which was more like a fast walk. Rajesh is a steady runner. I have never seen him give up or speak in a defeatist tone. Once he sets his goal, he rests only once it is completed. He always runs with a heart rate monitor. For a little bit during the hill run, Yash A
sher was with us. His advice to Rajesh was, to ditch the monitor, because it plays with your mind! The mind is very fickle!!! Anything can scare it!!!


Our mind determines our actions. The more we fear failure, the greater the chances of failure. I realise my mistake . The repetitive statements about my intense dislike of the hills has actually fuelled my negativity.

It reiterates my fear.

It haunts me when I run.


It makes each step harder.

It weighs me down.

I need to tackle this head on. As Rajesh said at the beginning of the run, that I should be saying “ I love hills”. Now I understand why. I need to make the enemy my ally.

I need to change my beliefs regarding pain and fatigue. I view these feelings as feelings of failure. Instead, they are an opportunity to experience a breakthrough in my personal level of achievement. I am feeling pain and fatigue because I have pushed myself closer to the perceived limit of my ability. How great will it be to push through these feelings and come out on the other side, now with limitless possibilities? Shift my mindset from the negative to the positive and all of the sudden pain and fatigue are no longer enemies, but friends. Friends running with you on your way to achieving your goal. Pain is weakness leaving my body.

I ran the hills. All 12 km. I was steady in the first half, but i wanted to give up in the second half. I went ahead only because Savio said that I could leave out the last hill. Relieved that my agony would end early, I went on. Upon reaching the last hill I went ahead and finished that as well. I just Could not bear the thought of giving up.

I finished it. But I walked a lot. I have up at many points instead of staying and fighting it out.

Post run, Savio had very encouraging words. After two weeks he says, when you’re stronger, you will be able to complete the entire 14 km circuit with ease. I look forward to that.I let my fear control me. My fear was controlling my mind. Now my mind will control my body, as will have the will to conquer the hills. I need to empower myself.

The first time I ever ran the hills- 3 years ago- my reaction was: “the hills are alive, and my legs are dead!”

Next week, I hope to say, “Thank you, for the hills, and strength for climbing.”

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“Hills. We love them. We hate them. They make us strong. They make us weak. Today I chose to embrace hills.”
-Hal Higdon, running writer and coach



3 thoughts on ““It’s a Hill, Get over it!”

  • the new mantra before wednesday hill workout….’I love hills! I love hills!……’
    it better work parul!!!!!

  • Know this feeling exactly! Thank you for this 🙂 Considering i hate hills and I’ve signed up for a 42 km hilly marathon i keep asking myself what i was thinking! But your right got to change that mind set so that the body just attacks those hills 🙂 i’m so sure next time you will completely destroy that 14 km circuit~ 🙂

  • Our perception becomes our reality. So we have to change our thought process in order to overcome it. Your realisation has hit bulls eye. Now its time put them into action.

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