Its the Final Countdown

Racing season is on in full swing. All around talks of mileage and pace abound.

“How much” is the question most asked, and the answer varies from “only” 15 to 36!!!! We have all gone insane. Adrenaline is keeping all of us pumped up. A feeling of perpetual exhaustion has settled into the group. Even on rest days I wake up at 5 am and twiddle my thumbs (on my phone!).

Days are flying past faster than ever. Only 6 weeks separate us from the big day.

Two weeks ago, I ran a fast 15km at the Race Course. Continuous circles in alternating directions for each lap, made the kms go by. Suddenly it became about doing only 7 rounds. The distance had been split in my head into smaller milestones!  It was a Eureka moment! This took me back to a post I had written over two years ago – Tuesday November 15- 2011 🙂 – my first long run for my first full marathon

ESPER(click here to read)

Establish, Strategise,Plan,Execute, Review- worked for my long run on Sunday too, which was split in 2 legs with a negative split.72972_494815360556568_498858247_n

It has taken me a long time to realize all this, and understand what “being experienced” really means. We tend to take things for granted, but each run and each day is teaching us something.  We should assimilate this, because runs which end with a cab ride, all are valuable!when we need to dig deep, in difficult moments, this is the bank from where strength will emerge! From tough days, and Hard runs! Bad runs, failed runs,

Over the last few weeks I have developed one motto- that I will not stop- will keep going- just one foot ahead of the other and go on and on. This resolve is easy to have in the calm before the storm. Resolve is a breeze when the commitment is not tested. But if we work diligently, then when the true test comes, this Resolve will make us rise to the Occasion.

SCMM 2014 is here. We are all running well. Many achieved their PBs at goa, and some more will get in Delhi!

This is our season.

Our season of Joy and Revelry

Our season of Food (carbs) and Drink (enerzal)

Our season for Hope and Hard work.

So let’s all lace up, develop steely resolve and take the final weeks head on.

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in.

284923113894918582_6fgKy9Bo_c (1)

That’s what this storm’s all about.”

― Haruki MurakamiKafka on the Shore



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