Happy New Year


10 days to go for the SCMM- time for bib collection.

All the training is done- now only rest and more rest.

And what a year it has been!

A remarkable year for most of Savio’s Slaves.

We have seen a new level of dedication.

And pushed the boundaries back with mileage.

A by product of all this, has been the camaraderie that has developed amongst the sufferers. Amidst song, conversation and shared pain we have forged many a new bond. There is a reason we love to run, there is a reason – timeless and true- why we seek each other, why we work so hard, why we search for the best path, why we challenge and inspire each other, why we seek hills and practice acts of endurance. We are training and it matters more than we understand

This is my tenth year of running. I feel I have now graduated as a runner. From a “happy runner” I have become one of those who chases a goal. And sometimes fails! But this failure has taught me to take the irrevocable in my stride and continue moving forward. Weather and the like…..

Running has enriched my life in so many ways. Most importantly brought all you wonderful people in my people-people whom I would have otherwise never met- really awesome people with whom I have had my moments- moments of laughter, special moments of joy  as well as some of admonishments.

Thank you all of for making my journey so memorable!

This is my first post post my birthday. It was a wonderful birthday. Ran a wonderfully easy 10k- great weather and great friends! This can become a ritual for every year. So this year for me-it will be 42@42- 2014 watchout!

This is my first post in 2014. As a part of my resolutions ofr this year:

  1. Run more hills
  2. Pick a new target for 5k and 10k.
  3. Set a bigger goal than you ever thought possible. And figure out what you need to do to get there. Then do it.010 (2)

So cheers all of you!

Happy 2014!




2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  • A beautiful thought, always a pleasure to read your post. Belated happy bithday. How a common passion binds people that’s what I learnt after I joined savio’s group. Iam with you on the same page over the beautiful people I’ve met thru running.

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