Ready, Set, GO…………………….

Less than 48 hours to raceday….and now it’s in your face!

All the hard work done- only the final remains- treat it as another Sunday run as Savio says- yes that’s true, because all those Sunday runs have taught us many things and now we need to apply them all the heat, the hills, the endurance- and if something fails then we need to innovate- because ………………..



The mind constantly wanders when you’re engaged in a repetitive activity for a prolonged period. Many times I have been thinking of other things and I need to snap out of it and say, “wake up!” you’re in race.

If your mind wanders so will your body. You can wake up and check your form- see if your shoulders are relaxed, if you’re breathing right- from the belly, and most importantly – am I working as hard as I possibly can?

In an endurance athlete’s life pain is never far away. Pain is a little more than a conversation between body and your brain. That’s another reason why a fit mind is so important.

The brain is constantly trying to impose limits on what it thinks it can achieve. We should constantly question it; fight it, which means enduring pain. Successful athletes relish their relationship with pain. Not the mechanical kind, which tells us when something has broken down, but of the emotional pain. Pain is our brain’s way, like a caring parent, of telling us that it doesn’t like how hard it’s working right now! We need to challenge that.

So come one- it’s up to you to find the motivation to win. This is your only chance- squeeze all the will into the race. The truth is that you CAN do it. What you can never allow yourself  to fail because of loss of will. You can feel like you have lost if you don’t reach your target due to an unforeseen situation, but you can’t admit defeat because you failed to give it your best shot! That is a crime- we need to always give each race our best.


So rise above the pain and exhaustion and summon up the desire to run- the desire to be a winner. Adrenaline and the mind will triumph over the pain. The defeatism will go and the need to win will prevail. The challenge of overcoming the predicament is not something to fear but to cherish. So hang in there and  to push yourself to the very limit of your abilities.

Construct an armour plated mind.

It is upto each and every one of us to change the “I can’t” to “I can”.

We all have a little voice inside all of us that urges us to fulfill our potential. Some of us can’t hear it amidst the din, others are too afraid of it, to go for it and to fail. That fear, is immobilizing. But in reality,


marathon quote

Nothing is impossible. Never give up.

Smile, and feel the joy of the wind in your hair, and the rhythm in your feet.

Whatever you can do,

Or think you can,

begin it.

Boldness has power, and genius,

And magic in it.

– Goethe



9 thoughts on “Ready, Set, GO…………………….

  • Super star post Parul. Truly inspiring and a real motivator. The body has done the hard work, just the mind needs to work on the big day. Cheers and all the best to you and everyone

  • Great confidence, which makes impossible things possible. You will achieve your desired result. All the best.

  • Thanks Parul dear, very very inspiring. u have just improved all our time & am sure u too will run your personal best, so all the very best of luck & just go & enjoy your RUN.

  • Very very Inspiring Parul. Seems like you are such a seasoned runner and know exactly whats gonna happen when we may reach a block. This is really gonna inspire me and get the adrenaline pumping.
    Thank u for being such a super soul.

    • It is very inspiring . That I should have taken part for short run.I am sure you will achieve your goal. All the best.

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