Life, or something like that

Races have been a big part of my life for more than 15 years, and I miss them. This is the longest that I haven’t raced in what seems, forever. 10 months it is. December is racing season for us in ‘India, when we have a race every weekend building up the A race – TMM.

 I miss pre-race jitters. I miss the chaos of the start lines — because we would always meet the usual race junkies, the speed ones at ADHM and the suckers for pain at AHM, and  oh yes,  the humidity lovers in Chennai and Cochin. Bangalore was a sweet in between…

I miss trying to pass anyone who seems vaguely annoying to me that day. I especially miss post-race spirit of exuberance.  The smell of sweat and adrenaline. The talk about those 3 seconds, the extra distance you ran, the PB you got or missed, or just enjoyed the feeling of being a part of something bigger than you! We all know the magic of races, the drama of pinning on a bib which proclaims that yes, you are putting yourself out there. 

Of course, I know that, but we are all allowed to be disappointed when these things happen because it’s disruption on top of a year of setbacks, bad news, frustration and grief. 

We are those who live for our dreams…big or small…

We are those who live for our dreams…big or small…

That first 5k.

The 5k PB.

That bronze at Comrades 95th anniversary downhill run. 

That world major which you didn’t run last year because of some silly reason (NYC 2020 it was to be for me!). 

That sub-4 (which was mine for 2021 TMM…now buried!)

That sub-2 

That first race. 10k, a half or a full. 

That BQ race. 

That chase…where you demolish your inner demons, one by one.

Any dream which made us challenge our boundary and pushed our perceived limits. 

Yes, most of us are back on the road. And I realized how big a part of my life these anonymous faces were when I started running on the road, post lockdown. These runners whose names I did not know, but I could identify them from afar, by their gait, their stoop and their arm swing. I was happy was back amongst “my people”. 

Grateful again for Sunday mornings. 

For winter running.

And for all those who are motivated enough to be in full training mode, having embraced the new virtual format of races. As I see them whizzing past me I think of my days which seem like to have been in another lifetime

I have a lot of work to do.

 I am happy to chug along now. Lets see when the simmering flame gets ignited.

Thank you all for the joy.

Only when you don’t have something you realise its worth. 

This Pandemic continues to reiterate that in all encompassing manner.

Our ONE life. Lets live it well. We have now lived to understand :

“Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab, pal mein pralay hoegi, bahuri karogi kab?”

Kabir in 15th cent.



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