The most fun part of running with a group is the post run chit chat. As we have seen savio’s slaves lingering on long after the run is over at nariman point. Unsolicited advice, real running tips, words of encouragement, plans for future runs- oh and also match making…….it all happens here.

Today Bombay had the best weather ever seen in late February! We all were relaxed as we set our feet in motion. In my excitement for training for the full, I thought today was the day I should push my pace. I ran with Byram for about 2.5k, huffing and puffing. I gave up and entered my world at a much slower pace. From then on the run was smooth as I fell in step with a young lawyer, Niyati. It was an easy 12k. We raced towards the finish to join the group.

Today we all ran varying distances at good speed- all united in one thought……We had just had a perfect running morning. We sat around, stretched a bit in the fresh, cold breeze.

I have seen Mulraj around for the past few months, but had my first real interaction with him today. He is a two time marathoner and he also kept a log for the initial part of his training. In the chill of the morning he encouraged me to write regularly as I pushed him to post his writings into a blog so that others could read it and get encouragement from it.

Thank you Mulraj!

Savio today had a session with me to train my mind towards the full. Develop patience he said. Running the full requires endurance, for which I would have to run much slower so that I covered the distance at a constant pace. Maverick speed will not get me anywhere! For any building to stand tall he told me, it needs a strong foundation! Those words took me back to college! As I saw the truth in them! Like wise he said, run with Mulraj, who runs at a slow, constant pace, do the long distances with ease, build my confidence and then I can step it up!

As I move towards my goal:

I am not afraid of tomorrow….as I have seen yesterday………..and I love today!



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