The Winner

The run on Friday was amazing. After many a sweltering run- over the last 2 months- this one was like manna from heaven. I ran late…….in the soft intermittent drizzle- and I felt like I could run forever. It was a short 8k run as it was a weekday, but this glorious one had filled me with a great deal of anticipation, for the long run on Sunday.

So we headed out…with a partly cloudy sky over our heads. As we ran along, there was no sign whatsoever of any breeze, and much less rain. We went along the entire distance as we had committed to ourselves……..

All along
There was no song,
Only sweat,
That was our fate.

After we turned,
On our return
There was a game.
Between me,Sol and the rain.

Rain eluded,
A clear loser,
Although the clouds
Played hide-n-seek.

And after a bit of tussle
They had to part
The sun shone in its full glory
As I, struggled in this story.

It got ugly,
And turned into a scrap,
That’s when my mind said
Let’s end this clash.

So I loosened my shoulders
And lengthened my stride
Picked up my pace
For the last 1 mile.

18k on a humid day
Victory was mine
After a long long time!



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