A Fine Balance

DNA women’s 21k run….4 days away!

After all it IS a half marathon-not a small distance! And I have taken it easy all along, running short distances a couple of times every week since the marathon. i am enjoying these shorter runs….

Leaving the park after the speed workout today, I was chatting with Varsha. She used to be a national level athlete. This 800 m champion, who clocked an incredible 1 hour 40 minutes at the Mumbai half marathon says, she is not running the DNA half as she is not prepared! And my eyes popped out! NOT PREPARED ! For this tiny event!!!!!!! My natural response to her was, none of us are……..and she calmly replies – she doesn’t want a worse timing than her previous run.

I have grown up believing that participation is important and not winning. But now I wonder……is it about timing? Only about doing well?

As a converse to this…..

I was chatting with Chaya…my running partner for the entire run….

After the 42 km I wasn’t tired. It seems a little ridiculous, but I really didn’t feel like I was going to collapse or anything, instead I think I could have gone a couple of kilometers more. She felt the same way…. As a checked my certificate I discovered that both of us had cruised at a constant pace throughout the run!

So I say to myself that I didn’t push hard enough. Yes I ran the distance. I did well.


I could have done better. I needed to give it all I have got so that I feel spent, and then feel the satisfaction when I have pushed at least until my limits if not beyond.

This is where I need to train my mind – to give it all….

Push yourself to the limit
Don’t ever quit.
Work till your legs are going to fall off
Or you fall apart.

Even when you fall on your face.
Get up, wipe yourself off and say
“Okay let’s do it again.”
Do it till you get it right
Not until you start to hurt.
Never stop until you have nothing left to giv

– Victoria Leann



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