An Important learning from 2015

Negativity slows you down like nothing else. We expend So much energy just battling  those creeps in our head. That’s what weighs us down. And the thing about these wily creatures, is that they know our moments of weakness and will use those to strike us down with full force.

This enlightenment came two days ago, when after my tempo run I had short 1 minutes all out bursts. 8 of them. all sorts of doubts played in my head during my tempos, but in my sprints I just flew. Simply flew. There was no thought. Only a burn in my heart and my legs. I was in the moment.

I need to cut the strings to fly.

Throw the baggage that weighs me down.

Empty my mind and allow it to be filled with light.

Only when the mind is a vacuum will Positivity enter and fill the space. It needs to flow throw our body, like the blood in our veins. Pulsating. Because when the legs and mind have given up- it is the heart, that will pump this blood and take you through in the slog miles.
Convert the failures into lessons and successes into strengths.

Construct that armour plated mind.

Build the bank of memories  which will carry you through…the Race and the year! Happy 2016!




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