Onwards to 2017…

It’s that time of the year when we take stock of what has happened over the year. This is what 2016 has been for me and The Running Soul.

I ran an incredible European race and qualified for another international race.

Enriched my life with unforgettable experiences from foreign lands.

Had the continued and unconditional love from my children.

Lived each day with the love and support from my friends (lots new and all old!) and family, along with encouragement and inspiration from the entire running community.

All in all, a phenomenal year!

To look ahead I ask myself: What is my goal for the coming year? What inspires me to work towards it?

My goal is to conquer my fear of hills by training hard for the Boston Marathon. This requires a change in mind set as well as increased fitness. When I look back and see how far I have come, I find my reason to push forward. I learn from my past to believe in the future. I see people around me, their drive for hard work, their need for perfection and I draw inspiration from them to grow as a person. The finish line of Boston awaits me…post Heartbreak Hill.

The coming days look grim…and I toughen up to face the challenges. I am a little afraid, as although I have learnt to take it in my stride, I do realise  that it will take a lot of resilience for me to smile through all this.

So think about your Goals. Write them down, post them on your fridge, and see if you’re still jazzed about them two weeks from now. If not, continue to seek out something that inspires you. Take your time. It may be weeks before something comes to you, and that is okay. You may choose to simply run for fitness, or to start cycling, or to try a new yoga class, or to train for a triathlon. Taking some time away from your usual goals and distances is sometimes what you need to feel inspired.

I am thankful for everything… the achievements as well as the trials, which have made stronger. I have the strength to develop more endurance. That’s why I run marathons.

A quote I read somewhere…

“Nothing pushes me to give my best, as much as the thought of creating or doing something, the best that it can be.”

Happy New Year everyone!



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