To new beginnings

It has been a year of firsts.

An edgy year.

A year that I lived fully outside of my comfort zone, in some other land!

And I figure that this is a good way to live… 😉

Firsts this year:

Swimming in open water (breast stroke)

Learning freestyle (yet WIP)

Riding a road bike in cleats (a safe dismount yet to be learnt)

And those terrible and wonderful long distances on the bike…75km, 90km, and 100km!

It is wonderful to be improving every day. When you are at the bottom there is so much room for progress! To be honest, there are periods of despair, long dark times and then suddenly one day, something magical happens, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds and the numbers look better!

It has been a tremendous year. I have learnt to work hard at things that I am NOT good at and that don’t come naturally to me. I have learnt the importance of doing drills over and over again, to see imperceptible progress. I have learnt to give time to things that I don’t particularly enjoy whilst I am doing them, but once I am slightly more comfortable doing them, I know that I will! They told me to enjoy the journey, which I found impossible to do whilst struggling. I mean who likes to swim if one is gasping for breath in every stroke and the “kick from the hip” just doesn’t happen! But once I finished the workout I felt like a million bucks, that I had just finished what was set out for me, something that had looked so impossible at the outset, had been achieved successfully.

Small victories, every day, keep me going.

Words of encouragement of those around me help me keep the faith. I am grateful for them <3!

I have learnt that the people we surround ourselves with are the ones who are a big part of where our life heads. They can be a good as well as a bad influence!! And that the definition of “good”, “bad” and “fun” is also relative!

To lead life with uncertainty is hard. But fun. It is a gamble.

This was my year to be reckless.

To dive into unknown waters.

Irrespective of the outcome on 1st February at Dubai IM70.3, I am thrilled to have reached where I have.

So go for it… Be stupid. Be foolish. Be brave.

Try something that you never thought you “could do/would do”! Take that risk!

Cheers to 2019! Happy new year and all the best. Live recklessly!



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