Livin’ on a prayer!

During most of the last week (a week before the marathon), when people asked me what race I was running, I knew I was in trouble. And when I replied, that I was running the full, they looked confused and covered up by saying, haven’t seen you run much, but yeah, you’ll do it because you have run so many and have all this experience! (Like experience will make me run the last 4-6 km!!)
At Babulnath, 38 km:

Legs: “Stop running, you are tired!
Me: “But I have run so many marathons!”
Mind (piping in): “Yes, yes, I am strong!”
Legs: “Dude, where is the leg strength? You know how much mileage you have done!”
Me: “Arre, but I did all my long runs!”
Mind: “Yes yes, I know you can do it!”
Legs: “God, and the second long run? How can you say that you have trained with that one 25km+ run on the weekend?”
Me: “Hmmmm, that’s true!”
Mind: “Yes, yes but you chose to train like this!”
Me: (torn between mind and legs): “That’s true!
Legs: “The way you train is the way you race!”
Me: “Don’t act smart!”
Mind: “Your goal is to finish strong, so keep running! Drop the pace if you have to. Relax your shoulders, you know what it takes to finish this race, so just give it all!”
Legs: “Oh God, she means business!”
Me: “I have come here to run, not walk!”
Mind: “Yes, yes, let’s do this!”

I wish it works like that! I know that muscle memory is not enough for marathon fitness.
(But if I really wished to do well I would have worked harder. So NO! I will be happy with whatever the outcome tomorrow. Celebrate irrespective!)
This year I have taken the training for the marathon, easy. Low-intensity mileage, with some cross-training. This is the first time that I have taken this slightly laid back approach. I will find out tomorrow if it works.

As we all know, in running what you put in is what you get. So I am not expecting much. 🙂 even with this tempered expectation I am slightly stressed as it is eventually a race that I would Like to finish strong.  With an easier pace, it will be the distance that I will have to contend with. And of course, the usual challenges that come with the distance. The Worli sea face loop, Peddar road, and the glorious sun, post Chowpatty.

But this my hometown, my favourite city, I NEED to run the marathon hereas it is my favourite distance, and it will be a beautiful day tomorrow!

Running a marathon makes you believe that you can do anything that you want.

That is an empowering feeling.

A powerful force!

All the best everyone…Let us all have a good time!



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