Kashmir 2014


When nature seeps in through every pore- perfection makes home in the heart- the colours, smells, sounds fill the heart, which wells up and explodes into an intense mixture of emotions, of longing, desire, wistfulness and loss. These moments define your life- you grow as you understand more about self, about time.
The walls which we have built over years- reinforced by polite smiles and superficial conversation numbed the pain and real joy. And we lived a life of moderation and followed the Middle path. These walls come down when you least expect it to. It is in these occasions of complete joy that vulnerability seeps in through the apparently invisible chinks and the incompleteness is highlighted.
The majestic white giants surrounded us as we sat upon the grassy vale and gazed upon the sleepy lidder_rivervillage. The frothy Lidder river sometimes murmured, but at most times roared past the green meadows. The backdrop was of the coniferous forest through which sunlight filtered. Dark hollows between the pines lit up and sparkled with the stray sunbeams.

 “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” 
― Rumi

It’s a crown. The pristine beauty of the rolling verde meadow fringed by tall dark sentinels – the conifers. Which is crowned by the sparkling tops of the peaks.
Perfect beauty. If there ever is. It’s here. The cool breeze. Refreshing.
Dotted with people who take home this memory. Imprinted in their minds. Indelibly.
The intense blue sky. With White fluffy clouds. Changing the patterns on the grass. As the wind blows them in the direction it wishes to. Momentarily creating shapes you can recognise. And at most other times just patches of cool.
The sun blazing overhead contrasting the cool breeze.
This creates a warm fuzzy feeling in our heart. The level of perfection makes the hair on our hands stand up. Lying on the cool
Wet grass. Feeling the warm Sundays on my face. The dappled pattern created by the trees on the muddy track with gnarled roots which have stood the test of time. Mute witnesses to this insane vision. A pair of magnificent pine trees which frame the view. Was it contrived?
The occasional bird which zooms past. All colours seem to be lost except for the green and the blue. The power of nature. The scale. The magnificence. It pierced right through into the heart. Touching the soul. Making the hair stand up.
The sudden appearance of the clearing. Least expected as we panted up the rocky trail.photo
Can spend the day watching the shadows move accross the snow as mountains – as they look Different with each passing moment. As the sun hides behind the cloud it changes the green hue. Playing games with the slopes.

“I am the dust that dances in the light.”

― Rumi

6 am – 8 am
The birds chirping, a little stream winding its way in the distance, flowing past slowly, so as to not disturb the serenity of the scene. It was surreal. The setting. I felt I was looking at a watercolour by Turner. The stillness of the reflections and the solidity of the mountains framed a picture postcard.
We sat under a bare tree, beautiful in its nakedness, and watched the world go by. White smoke curled up from an occasional chimney and a car drove past once in a while. The only thing that really kept changing was the symphony of the birds. The trotting of the infrequent pony on the track, and the sound of the people travelled to us as we the valley amplified the sound.
The mind was blank as we absorbed the solitude. Reached the plane of balance. Lived in the Now. As we breathed in the fresh air we tried to understand the magic of the moment and the magic of the mountains.
The mind wandered far and wide, limitless, as we pondered on the larger questions of life.
What does it mean, to make the most of each moment.image (1)
Each day of the holiday seemed like a couple of days as we walked along the trails, sometimes wooded, sometimes pebbled and at other times grassy. The verdant knolls became our constant companions as we trudged through streams and created the our paths.
This multiplied our time and a calm set in. we had become one with nature. All was in harmony.
The warm sunshine made the morning dew smile, sparkling like diamonds on the blades of the grass. These crystals encircled tiny leaves like a crown.

“Close both eyes to see with the other eye.”

― Rumi




The rustic wind chimes tuned in beautifully with the melody of the birds, providing theoccasional flourish.They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so here goes- the view from almond villa- on a quiet morning when the kids were back- and it was only me and my solitude
!“Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you.  Unfold your own myth.”

― Rumi




2 thoughts on “Kashmir 2014

  • How can someone do it again and again and yet again !
    Your writing as the power and magic that borders on the surreal.

    And you quote my favourite Rumi most appropriately !

    Your blogs are improving my life and the desire to live .

    Your writing impacts me so deeply that often I want to just sit with you in silence. Looking at the hills, watching a stream or admiring a sunset.

    Just silently for I don’t have to words to tell you anything…

    • Thank you Ravi! And your comment leaves me staring at my computer screen as I don’t know how to reply to your kindness and generosity. Thank you.

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