Some thoughts on the last 60 days

And, for a Wednesday (Saturday it should be actually!), a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (almost all my own work).

Like the joy and satisfaction of sweat mingled with discomfort, at the end of a workout, is much greater than the effort required to get out of my cushy air-conditioned room.

Like the light feeling when I eat healthy all day. This motivates me to keep the unhealthy food out of my diet. The red velvet cupcake doesn’t beckon me any longer.

Like the head rush I get while doing hill sprints on Saturday after a warm up, which ends near a building under repairs, which has the board of the company “Coopers Engineers”. “Cooper”, now has a new meaning on my life, after Betty and the fudge! As I turn around for the slow jog back, I walk through a bed of pink and white frangipanis, scattered around like aromatic jewels! The punishing workout has suddenly become rewarding.

Like the wisdom of a new friend, from whom I learn new things each time I meet. People remember stories, he says, matter of factly.  Epiphany. Tell them well. Create memories, he says. That’s what life is about.

Like the gratitude I feel for a fellow runner who is a champion swimmer, who is making time to correct my free style stroke. After a month’s hard work, I finally feel like a fish!

Like the unexpected joy of a spontaneous afternoon with a friend from long ago, with sparkling laughter and sangria, making me feel like a child cutting class!

Like the chance meeting with an old school friend, reinforces my belief, that in order to get further clarity in thinking, meditation is the only way. Meditation is a lot like doing reps at a gym. It strengthens your attention muscle. Control of the mind seems to be the key.

Like the fuzzy feeling I get in my heart when unknown people reach out to me and connect. Readers. Runners. Friends. All!

Like an insightful article I read by Aakar Patel in the mint lounge, which has inspired me to write post the way I did.  “And this final point of view: that writers, like painters, like sculptors, need models. The great Behram Contractor, who wrote his columns as a man might speak—easily, colloquially, conversationally—was one I was drawn to. Like Eklavya, I tried to absorb his style from afar and emulate it. He died 14 years ago and I miss him.”


Over the last 3 months life has been a blur, been fluid with only 2 constants, my Tuesday swimming lessons and the Saturday strength workout! It has been full with new experiences, new perspectives on life, stimulating conversations over meals, with hilarity interspersed with sombre musings.

Our day to day lives are sprinkled with special moments. We need to recognize them and build our bank of memories. These are the trinkets we live for.

No moment in life is ordinary.



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