M vs M : Part 5 (The Corona edition)

Friday, 9.30 pm, Day 18 of the Lockdown.

Me: Oh, let me stay up late and finish this drawing. I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow. What a life, too good!

Mind: Wah! What an empowering thought! Sure, and then you can sleep in.

Me: Ya, there is no running anyways!

(some time passes, colouring is progressing well)

Me: Hmmm, I feel like eating something.

Mind: (in an instant!) It’s the time for dessert!

Me: (a programmed reaction!) What! No…not at night!
Mind: There is that bar of Magnum in the freezer.

Me: (vehemently) NO!

Mind: You’ve been dying to have it. And frankly, you are not even in training for ANYTHING…so what difference is it going to make?

Me: Actually, yes. Good point. If not now, then when?

Mind: Go for it…just have it!

Me: (smiling from ear to ear) I cannot even remember the last time that I had a full bar of Magnum!

Mind: ( also smiling, wickedly!) Really, what kind of a life like this?

Me: Ya, I will eat it now and then run for 2 hours tomorrow!

Mind: (sputters with disbelief) What, run for 2 hours? You know that there is a Lockdown na? So, 2 hours in the building!!?

Me: (argumentatively) So what? People are doing all kinds of things. Why can’t I run for 2 hours? (after a few seconds) Accha…actually okay, that’s a lot and the max. that I’ve done is 75 mins…and that too only once, last week! Ok so, forget running, I will not eat anything tomorrow. Maybe I will try that intermittent fasting thing!

Mind: (as an aside) What is this new stunt that she wants to try now?

Mind: Tomorrow is tomorrow… Just eat it now.

Me: Arre, but it is a full bar of ice-cream! How can I just eat it?

Mind: But what is this intermittent fasting? Are you crazy!?

Me: Dude, everyone is doing it…and I am not even working out. So, if I want to eat this ice-cream that’s the only way!

Mind: (mumbling)She’s lost it!

Me: I am telling you…Just sitting in the house all day, for so many days, and eating all the time, without my usual mad running, I will become FAT!!

Mind: Whatever man….

Me: Tell me, how much will this 30-min and 45-min running burn, tell me!! And I am not so crazy as to run more than that!

Mind: (eye roll!) Yeah, tell me about that!

Me: Ice-cream, Ice-cream!

Mind: Whacko!

Me: (getting purposefully and striding towards the fridge) Ya- that’s it! This is a new life. Stay up late. Eat ice-cream. Not run tomorrow and fast all day!

Mind: Speechless!

Epilogue: And I walk to the fridge gleefully, like a devil incarnate, open the freezer, feel the chill and smile. My face lights up as I hold the bar in my hand, but my heart stops me, and in slow motion, with puppy dog eyes, and a look of sadness, I put it back. I walk to the cabinet in the kitchen settle for one chocolate-covered date! (Loser!!) And I wake up at 6.30 am the next day (it is a curse) and run for 90 mins (that’s when this post was written)! The run was in 2 parts as the grocery delivery truck came early! So 70 + 20 mins!

Yes, I am crazy. And it was really me vs Magnum!

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5 thoughts on “M vs M : Part 5 (The Corona edition)

  • Hi Parul,

    I just finished reading your book The Running Soul. I completed it in 2 hours straight (would have done it faster if not interrupted by my impatient 6 year old). First of all, I want to thank you for penning your journey so beautifully. Last year in June, I broke my leg which halted my HDOR journey. As I am recovering from the break, I can’t wait to get back in my running gear. Your story has motivated me a lot and I am all the more curious to experience the runners high. Can’t wait for this lockdown to end…thanks again


    • Thank you for your time Megha… and more importantly reaching out. And the wonderful words about the book. So sorry to hear about the injury… do take care. All the best! Feel free to reach out for any help!!♥️

    • Hey Megha! Sorry I missed replying to this. Thank you so much for reaching out. And thrilled that you enjoyed the book. And running is a journey… so keep at it! Yes- can’t wait for the lockdown to end. Tough days. Much love to your 6 year old. Enjoy these days… they fly past too quickly! ♥️

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